Mobile technology has led organizations transform their business processes. It helps reach larger volume and stays closer to the customers all day. The mobile market is shifting from voice to data, from operator-centric to application-centric, from fixed-function to programmable. The boom for Mobile technology is

influenced by the emergence of smart phones, open source operating systems and app stores.

To reach mass audience, consumer firms must leverage the latest mobile technologies. Our mobile application solutions help you reach the right consumer with the right product at the right time. We can help you attain your goal – to create a marketing kick, mobile/tablet websites, or smart phone apps, what so ever.

As part of value-add services we provide

  • Analysis/forecast of the market for mobile applications and content, including consumer perspectives, usage models, competitive business models.
  • Analyze your business, your mobile customers, how they use their mobile devices so that you can...
    • Drive brand attraction
    • Run contests and games, and collect opinions of consumers in real time
    • Provide instant information
    • Make an immediate impact on user buying decisions

Mobile applications help organizations be in touch with customers constantly and also with its field force. Clients of organizations need information instantly so as to influence their purchasing decisions. Building effective mobile apps helps such quick transfer of information. Also by coordinating effectively with field force through mobile apps, organizations can manage their work schedule effectively and ensure customer satisfaction.

As part of our services we provide

  • Social networking
  • Content Management
  • Consumer and Business applications
  • Complete Mobile solutions and Services for leading mobile platforms
  • Mobile Testing services
  • Messaging

We build mobile applications using the following technologies:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows